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The S Series Hearing Aids from Starkey

Starkey S SeriesTM

Starkey is one of the best known designers and manufacturers of quality hearing aids. Their reputation within the industry and among the company's loyal client base is well regarded. With Starkey hearing aids, quality and reliability come standard.

However, Starkey is also known for innovative hearing solutions, not just quality hearing aids. And their latest innovation, the S SeriesTM, is no compromise. S Series is the latest in real world hearing aid technology that provides real world performance no matter what your listening environment.

Drive Architecture

If you know anything about computer technology, you're familiar with dual core and quad-core technology. This technology is faster and enables computers to multi-task, performing two or more tasks with equal efficiency. And, in the business realm, dual core computer processors are the standard.

Starkey has taken dual core technology and created Drive ArchitectureTM. Drive Architecture delivers three times the processing power of previous Starkey hearing aids. Its multi-tasking capability improves hearing in virtually all listening environments.

Choose Your Style

Starkey's S Series also delivers options in the style and model that best suits your hearing loss needs and personal preferences.

The Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) unit provides discreet power and a long menu of features to improve your listening experience. The S Series Completely in the Canal (CIC) delivers complete invisibility AND the power to address even moderate hearing loss.

As well as the choice of physical style, you also have a choice of model based on your hearing needs, personal preference and budget. The S Series is available in four models to choose from based on your lifestyle and listening demands: Series 11 - Vibrant, Series 9 - Active, Series 7 - Social and Series 5 - Calm.

Depending upon your cosmetic preferences, hearing loss, lifestyle and listening demands, there is an S Series for you.

Hearing Comfort

Organic sound is a reality with the Starkey S Series due to innovative Starkey technology such as Comfort Control and AudioScape Environments. Hearing comfort that doesn't distract from whatever your activity. You're not "hearing" the device deliver a highly processed sound signal to your ear. You're just hearing the world around you.

Complete Customization

Working with a hearing professional, your Starkey S Series hearing aids will be tuned to your needs based on testing and real life. After a hearing evaluation is conducted (don't worry, it doesn't hurt), the hearing aid practitioner will tune the hearing aids using Starkey's computer-based programming software so your units are tuned to your precise needs.

Talk to your hearing professional about the Starkey S Series. For many, it's just what you're looking for.

To learn more about the Starkey S Series and the many features and benefits it offers hearing aid wearers, please visit: Starkey S Series Hearing Aids: Performance, Comfort and Personalization .